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Kirk Johnson's articles about Sissinghurst Castle - all on Suite 101

Kirk Johnson is an author and garden designer who writes a series of interesting articles on design.

Part One: This article gives a brief history of the castle before it was bought by Vita Sackville-West and her husband, Harold Nicolson.

Part Two: Sissinghurst was not the first garden to be created by Vita Sackville-West and her husband, Harold Nicolson. This article is about their gardening background before they bought Sissinghurst Castle.

Part Three: This article is about the unusual home that Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicolson created at Sissinghurst Castle.

Part Four: The early development of the gardens at Sissinghurst Castle.

Part Five: The enclosed garden next to the Priest's House was one of the earliest parts of Sissinghurst Castle to be developed as a garden.

Part Six: A description of the plantings in the White Garden of Sissinghurst Castle.

Part Seven: What inspired Sissinghurst's White Garden?

Part Eight: The entry court at Sissinghust Castle.

Part Nine: Many people probably find the Tower Lawn to be one of the least interesting parts of the garden at Sissinghurst Castle, but it serves an important purpose.

Part Ten: Sissinghurst's orchard was once a very romantic place. With time, the romance will return.

Part Eleven: The Cottage Garden at Sissinghurst Castle is filled with flowers in sunset hues.

Part Twelve: Sissinghurst's Moat Walk is one of the most restrained parts of the garden, but it has a complex design.

Part Thirteen: Sissinghurst's Herb Garden reflects Vita Sackville-West's romantic love of the past.

Part Fourteen: Vita Sackville-West loved roses above all other flowers. This is the first in a two part article about her rose garden at Sissinghurst

Part Fifteen: The curved wall at the western end of Sissinghurst's rose garden raises the garden to the status of a garden room of the finest pedigree.

Part Sixteen: The complex relationship between Sissinghurst's Lime Walk and Rose Garden.

Part Seventeen: Sissinghurst's Lime Walk connects the Rose garden and the Nuttery.

Part Eighteen: Sissinghurst during World War Two.

Part Nineteen: Vita Sackville-West. Vita is also very well known for the weekly gardening column that she wrote for the Observer from 1946 to 1961.

Part Twenty: Sissinghurst under the National Trust.

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