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Hugh O'Connell NCH (CertGD) Professional Garden Designer. I am a land based college student who has worked in my chosen field for over fifty years.
Principal Imaginative Garden & Landscape Designer in South West England. Design studio near Exeter M5.
English Design Associates Cover the Whole of Great Britain
I have two sections The associates are separate under legal contract. John Morris Landscape Architect, Member Landscape Institute is based in Scotland and covers the whole of the UK.

One of Hugh's designs is featured in the April edition of Coast magazine!

This month sees a very special garden designed by Hugh featured in COAST magazine. The Coastal Seaside Garden at Looe in Cornwall is on a wonderful but challenging site. The high position and rocky terrain required a thoughtful and unique approach and solution. The result is a beautiful and sustainable garden, sympathetically blending in with the natural landscape.

The COAST article is available in PDF format here. You can read about how the garden was designed and constructed on the Seaside Garden page.

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Hugh O'Connell is a garden designer based on the Exeter Devon/Somerset border in the South West of the UK. This brochure of garden and landscape design examples and makeovers for the UK Garden Designer cannot provide anything like a complete picture of the skills we as garden and landscape designers can bring to bear on any design. Each project provides different challenges - each garden and makeover is different, as is every client's needs. We hope, however, that you will find a lot to interest you and that you will bookmark this site for future reference.

The Qualified Garden Design Associates work throughout Europe, Ireland, and the US. They have wide plant knowledge. Hugh O’Connell undertakes commissions in Devon, Dorset, Cornwall, Somerset, Avon, London and the UK South West. John Morris Dip La MLI works throughout the UK. Book a single advisory visit. Contact us for a consultation.

Projects range from smaller gardens - both traditional and contemporary, seaside gardens, with or without conventional windbreaks, up to larger formal gardens, country parks and environmental projects.

Please explore our site by clicking the Menu at the top of the page and by using the Next Page/Previous Page links when available. Alternatively, use the site map page. You can even join our Forum and ask the Associates to help with a gardening problem! If you are a student, you can ask Hugh O'Connell about design problems or any other garden design issues. Hugh is only too pleased to help!

Hugh O'Connell Garden Design

All designers are professionals. They keep design costs down including planning applications. The Planning authority do not require well drawn or written plans that require more time to do. This costs the clients more. The Society of Garden Designers penalize members who do not draw or write well with planning applications. As happened to me with the loss of my M.S.G.D for my drawings for the garden at Belfield House Weymouth Grade 3 Listed. That client a London building inspector complained about my writing to the Society of Garden designers. He would have known the planning requirements policy. He copied my drawing on to his C.A.D and submitted the planning application himself. Planning passed the drawing. Initially the Conservation Office liked my design when I met him as part of my brief from the client before the planning application.


This garden gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Tiverton in Bloom Certificate of Merit for 2007 and 2008

For details of the garden plants used in this garden, see the Ashley Combe page.

Classical and formal gardens a speciality

Gardens are for people

“What you will have, I hope, is a garden more beautiful than you had anticipated, with less care than you had expected, and costing only a little more than you had planned.”

Thomas Church American garden designer Californian school 1955 (1902–78)

The Sunday Times Gardening Book

"As a garden designer, I experience some of the same emotions as a nanny. Having made a garden, I always want to follow its development to maturity and see how it turns out."

Lanning Roper American born & UK work areas garden designer 1967 (1912 -83)

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